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Welcome to Quovo

True end-to-end technology for financial professionals.

Smart Aggregation

The era of incomplete, one-dimensional data is over. Quovo aggregates financial accounts and enriches data with groundbreaking proprietary technology to normalize, transform, and reconcile disparate data from any source.

Portfolio Analytics

Quovo's smart aggregation enables instantaneous, powerful analysis for investment data. See any statistic, over any time period, for any portfolio, on the fly. Even feed data into sophisticated simulations — effortlessly.

Data Visualization

Because Quovo takes full ownership of the data workflow, our platform can translate large, complex data sets into a variety of visualizations — making otherwise messy data beautiful, usable, and valuable.

Always Secure

With bank-level encryption and 3rd party security validation, Quovo ensures that your data remains secure. Hosted in the cloud, our technology turns your browser or mobile device into a professional-grade data and insights application.

Our Solutions:

Investment Data Management

  • Account aggregation
  • Transaction normalization
  • Portfolio analytics
  • Private asset tracking
  • Diverse integration options

Insights Platform

  • Built-in data management
  • Comprehensive analytics suite
  • Data visualizations and reports
  • Elegant dashboards for managers and clients
  • Modular configurations and customizations

Your New Data Ecosystem

Turn information into intelligence.

Quovo reimagines the traditional financial and investment data value chain as a platform that is simultaneously seamless yet modular. Each piece builds on our foundation of industry-leading "smart aggregation" to enhance, enrich, and interpret financial and investment data. Together, these components can serve as an end-to-end insights application or complement other systems and tools that investors already have in place.

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Join us to revolutionize investment data intelligence.

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