Data Science for the Art of Investing.

Welcome to Quovo

A turnkey data science platform for financial professionals.

Quovo is a revolutionary data science platform that’s optimized to extract, manage, and analyze financial portfolio data. We’ve reconstructed data aggregation as a smart, end-to-end solution for the new era of wealth management and financial planning.

With a modular structure for painless back- and front-end integrations, Quovo empowers wealth managers and technology firms with not only better data, but also the tools to do more with that data than they ever thought possible.

From raw account aggregation to turnkey digital features, from back-office alerts to front-office business intelligence -- Quovo empowers you to leverage data science as the true cornerstone of your enterprise.

The Value of Data Science

Smarter aggregation meets actionable insights.

“Data science” is a complex term, but ultimately it comes down to generating valuable insights from complex, disparate data sets. Today’s financial services and technology firms can’t afford to view insights as a “nice to have.”

Our industry’s future is centered around getting smarter about characteristics and trends in and across financial portfolios - whether they belong to advisors, clients, or self-directed investors, and regardless of where that data is housed.

Unfortunately, the gap between raw data and actionable insights can be massive. Quovo’s mission is to bridge that gap by giving you the world’s first turnkey data science engine.
Make sense of disparate data
Save time with automated QA
Engage with rigorous analytics
Painless product configurations

Ready to put data science to work for your business?

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